We love the garden you designed. What now?

Now that we have a plan, an estimate is prepared on a unit cost basis and presented as a lump sum. It's our job to justify the expenditure of your home improvement expenditures. If you approve the budget, a lump sum contract is prepared for signature. Upon signing, actual work will commence.

Will you install someone else's design?


Although we believe in the design/build concept, we install gardens every year that have been created by other designers. Refer to item 1 for a detailed sequence of events.

We'd like to install the entire yard now, but our budget won't stretch that far. What can we do?

Many of our projects are installed over a 2-3 year period. The project is phased so that no work gets torn out to implement a new phase.

We were told that all contractors by law should be licensed and insured. Are you?

Contractors are required by law to be licensed. Our license number is 756455. For your protection, verify the validity of this (or any other contractor's license) by calling 1.800.321.2752. This is the California State License Board Number.

Our insurance carrier will be happy to mail you our certificates of insurance as required by your bank or business manager.