Design Questions

The art of bringing fuzzy vague notions into crystal clear focus...

Design FAQs

We are ready to begin our landscape. How do we start?

We'll meet:

Your ideas, our ideas; a visit to the site. If you like what you hear, we'll sign a design contract for a set fee. Then we'll review a few preliminary designs. Once the final plan is suitable for presentation and estimation of installation costs, we'll move on to field implementation of your new yard.

Our home has an existing landscape, but we don't like it. Well, parts are okay...


Renovation of an existing landscape allows us to chose existing features and change the way you look and interact with them. Parts will be discarded; new features implemented.

Mature trees are priceless; your new yard exceptional!

We already have a design, sort of... Can you help?

Your ideas:

Your ideas are the most important - even if it's a rough sketch.

From your starting point - refining, modifying - we can produce a design exactly to your liking. It will be presentable and in compliance with requirements of HOA's, design review boards, city and county planners.

We want something unique in our yard. Just one special feature...

Special Effects:

Special effects can be the focal point of your yard. The space that makes you want to return again and again. Geological formations; koi ponds; waterfalls; streambeds; BBQ areas; rose gardens; reading gardens; spa gardens; garden art; gazebos; arbors; decks.

We just moved in, and our new home is perfect. What on earth do we do with the yard?

We'll talk:

Tell us what you want to do when you go outside: Stroll along a planted path? Barbeque? Play cards? Entertain? Swim in a pool? Cut roses - frangrances and flowers? Relax in a chair? Tend vegetables - fruits and herbs? Play with the kids? Your yard will be personally tailored for you and your family.